Tsun + Dere = Androphobia? WTF?!

Hello all! Tis I DuoMatrix again with a new Tsun + Dere! Last time we took a look at Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

For this week we will take a look at Mahiru from Working!! Now Mahiru probably isn't your typical idea of a tsundere, and yet she is. Let's take a look, shall we?

For those that haven't watched Working!!, Mahiru is a waitress who works at Wagnaria Family Restaurant but suffers from androphobia. What you ask is androphobia? Androphobia is an unnatural fear of men. This fear came from her father. The details of how I won't go into, you'll just have to watch the show. Because of this fear she has a "tendency", read as innate desire, to punch men who get too close to her. Which can be quite funny to watch... but I wouldn't want to be hit by her, judging from the damage she does to walls and concrete posts.

Just what is it that makes her tsundere? Well... truth be told she is more tsun, with the androphobia and all, than dere. I can't count how many times she has hit the male cast, especially Souta Takanashi, in Working!! Each one looks more painful than last. But after each punch she often runs away screaming "I'm sorry!" with a blushing face. If that isn't dere I don't know what is. For these reasons, I call Mahiru a "closet tsundere". She so desperately tries to hide it and yet she fails. Ah to be young again.

Wait... I am young!

Granted anyone could take Mahiru and refute the fact that she is tsundere with evidence upon evidence, but someone sly could take that same evidence and prove she is. In no way is she one in the classic sense, but she just might be a new type, much like biribiri is. Keep

your eyes on her, she just might surprise you.

Favorite Mahiru moment? In the second episode when she walks up to Souta and says "Good Morning, Takanashi-kun!" just before she punches him in the gut and walks away. What a wake up call. Of course she has tons of great blush moments that just make you fall for her despite her violence towards the opposite sex. I just can't say no to a blushing face on a girl. My Achilles Heel... among other things.

Well that is all for this time. Sorry it is a little short, but that's what happens when you try to watch the new Star Trek movie while writing up a post. I know. Shame on me. Where are my manners. But that movie is oh so good it make me feel things, good things.

Next time we will take a look at Akari Kirishima from Nyan Koi!. What is it with me and these shows that end with a!? Its a conspiracy I tell ya! Till next time! Same tsun time (well sorta)! Same dere channel!

What draws you into the world of tsundere?