Miku x Toyota: win or fail?

Toyota USA has released more commercials featuring Miku to boost their sales (not going to be making any money from me). Fans have expressed outrage at these commercials, stating that Miku's image is being ruined, while others rejoice that Miku is being exposed to a larger audience. What are your thoughts on this, other than the fact that it's scaring half of America to death?


  1. I think it's funny and I also think of weird to see. I hope Miku doesn't get too popular with the non-anime fans here in the usa.

  2. we cant know until near future... but promoting hatsune miku to another stage of popularity is always a good thing

  3. *facepalm* *headdesk* My face hurts so much looking at these. The only good thing is the Miku model isn't too bad, but the other bad stuff in the commercials are probably distracting me from realizing that model looks bad...

    At least when she said "bacon wrapped hotdog", she sounds kinda cute...