Moe is a feeling

It's fascinating how many times I'm approached by individuals of all sorts, asking me in regards to the "moe movement" and how I feel about it. Oftentimes I also question if moe is capable of existing in reality, whereas any cute girl a guy sees can be labelled as moe. So what say you? What is moe to you?

These days, the definition of moe can be found all across the internet. However, as one will most likely notice, the majority of these sources all have their own definitions of the word. But upon closer examination, you'll find that certain sources define moe completely differently than what you may think it means. When we see something or someone we find moe, we may say moe moe kyun express our thoughts rather publicly when we're in the midst of one who understands the term. One will often say, "that character is so moe!" However, the term moe isn't and shouldn't be used as a verb.

Moe is a Japanese slang term used to describe something or someone an individual expresses interest in, at times to the point of it being a fetish. Although it's used so frequently among us anime fans, in reality, it's a rather abstract concept that can be difficult to pinpoint. After all, moe is considered to be an emotion, and it can be used to literally describe anything, like this keyboard I'm typing on, even this keyboard is capable of being moe.

In all seriousness though, if we're referring to anime, characters who are moe generally attract the attention of others by making themselves seem a little careless, or in other words, needing someone to take care of them. Therefore, as a result, it's possible for some kind of a protective sort of pseudo-love to develop between the character and the one admiring the character. By saying this, generally only female characters are able to have moe characteristics, with the occasional male gender bender occurring here and there just for kicks. Therefore, it can be said that moe girls have a specific appeal to the stereotypical otaku, in that the male can be there for the cute girl whenever she needs him, one of those stereotypical relationships. And let's not forget how young moe girls need to look in order to generate that hapless look in order to inspire a protectiveness from the viewers etc. etc. etc.

But more importantly, the point of this post is to emphasize that "moe" is not something that can be given a solid definition, it has no form, it's a feeling which one experiences that results in the appearance of something. One is able to become attracted to a specific character or a particular element of a character and feel towards it, or imply an image of someone with a burning desire for something or someone. It's also possible to say that your first love was when you experienced a feeling of "moe" (alright that doesn't really make sense, but you get what I'm aiming for), because that same passion is present in your mind and heart, as its an ineffable feeling which one cannot properly put into words, a powerful emotion, moe.

And to finish things off, here's a little something from one of my favourite artists, Coffee Kizoku.

Good day.


  1. Great discussion material right here!
    (I also love that someone backs up my thinking) =)

  2. this discussion is so moe, good job!!