Inu x Boku SS Review

Inu x Boku SS is quite possibly my favourite show of the winter 2011/2012 anime season. However, it also happens to be the most difficult show of the winter 2011/2012 season to evaluate. With a unique combination of several recurring themes, coupled with a flawless blend of humour and romance, InuBoku really manages to stand out in a crowd of many.


InuBoku essentially focuses on the lives of a rich girl from an influential family, along with her overly faithful bodyguard. What really made this show, well...different, is the fact that each and every individual living inside Ayakashi Kan, the luxury apartment in which a large cast of random (random would be an understatement actually) characters also happen to live in, all possess some kind of supernatural power. While this theme was actually surprisingly very well implemented and proved to add a definite amount of amusement, it certainly made me scratch my head as to why there seemed to be a need for this element to be included. In fact, there were only a couple episodes that actually featured the characters showing off their supernatural abilities, none of which were really big fights either. I guess it could be said that the entire implementation of a supernatural them was purely for shits and giggles, which I personally feel was a nice touch. InuBoku is essentially a shoe that has it all, both shoujo and shounen traits which make it stand out from the usual slice-of-life show.


What really seals the deal for me though, is how this show manages to amuse me to a point where I have a smile on my face every single bloody episode, without even having a true purpose, or even having some sort of plot direction. By taking a step back and looking at the show from a distance, I realize that there is actually nothing in this shoe that makes sense. Many explanations were non-existent, particularly how Ririchiyo knee Soushi, how the others managed to get to Ayakashi Kan, and all in all, how everyone knew each other from the start. By saying everyone knows each other because of their supernatural powers is pushing it a bit too far. But even considering all these factors that should make this show an absolute failure, why am I still so in love with this show? The reason can be accredited to how heart-warming each character is portrayed. Ririchiyo and her cold, heartless, slightly tsundere personality really takes a turn for the better as the show progressed. There may not have been extensive character growth, or a real close focus on the mismatched side characters, but the main character certainly went through a considerable amount of growth. I wouldn't exactly call this show unstable, but it's not a common occurrence for a 12-episode show to run out of things for the characters to take part in. It's as if the directors purposely wanted to make the characters seem bored, and find them something totally random to take part in. Surprisingly enough, that's actually where the amusement factor came in. InuBoku is different, it's quirky, it's cute, and it works.

Then comes the absolutely spectacular finale, including the one-episode buildup to the finale which really took me for a spin. Think about is as a slice-of-life turned terribly brilliant warm and cuddly romance, and it isn't just limited to the main protagonists either, the other characters also became more involved and such. I really can't put into words how fantastic the ending was, since all that was coming out of my mouth during the final five minutes or so of the last episode was "awww" anyway.

Unfortunately, if the show were say, 20 episodes long, the side characters could have been developed far more, which is something that this show was severely lacking in. The other characters were there, and certainly added to the amusement factor, but that was it. The characters had tons of potential, but due to the lack of episodes, none of it was really put to good use. However, that's not to say I didn't enjoy watching Karuta's death-by-moe expressions!


No many shows can pull of something like InuBoku has done, which is essentially putting many different mismatched and totally non-related themes together and making them work in unison, flawlessly. Even if there were episodes that had less action than others, never did the show break down or lose steam anywhere. With fabulous art and a rather heart-warming and sentimental finale, this is a show for those wishing to kill some time with a humourous, witty show with a touch of romance. I highly recommend InuBoku, and it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

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  1. comedy has always been my favourite genre of anime, and comedy anime doesn't need to have any development in term of character or plot. if they can make me laugh on every episode, it is a great comedy anime :D