Mouretsu Pirates Episode 18 Review

TheWrongAnswer here with more Pirate time! In the previous episode, Marika and the Yacht Club Girls manage to make a successful FTL jump to evade the Hugh and Dolittle fleet, who are hot on their heels as they battle over the fate of Jenny Dolittle. Will Marika be able to help Jenny escape, or will Hugh and Dolittle catch up? Find out after the jump!


The Story so far...

In the first half of the episode, The Bentenmaru manages to temporarily get away from the Hugh and Dolittle fleet, and proceed with taking Jenny to the Space University as planned. However, the plan hits a snag as the Bentenmaru's sensors start to blare. The girls then find out that the fleet has managed to catch up to them, and are firing warning shots at them. As the girls work on keeping the Bentenmaru from getting hit, Marika, along with Chiaki and the two princesses, discuss what they can do against Robert Dolittle, the current head of Hugh and Dolittle, as well as Jenny's uncle. Jenny tells Marika that she really could not think of any weaknesses that they can use against her uncle, but add that there is something off with her fiance, Junigh Coolph, to which Chiaki responds that it's not enough to knock off Robert. Armed with Jenny's intuition about Junigh, Marika decides to tell the crew to head for Junigh's ship. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the real Bentenmaru crew work hard on digging up dirt on Robert Dolittle, with Hyakume successfully breaking through the electronic security placed on Robert Dolittle's files.


In the second half of the episode, the girls implement an escape plan just as Robert Dolittle and his fleet close in on the Bentenmaru, while Robert orders his men to surround the Bentenmaru and take out the engines so that the ship could not escape. Marika then tells Lynn to go with a plan that they talked about. As Lynn lays out the plan, which involves confusing the sensors of the Corbacks and the Jabberwocky, Ai-chan skillfully pilots the Bentenmaru toward the Jabberwocky, with the ship making an FTL jump toward the last second. Upon making another successful getaway, Jenny applauds Ai-chan for her piloting, as well as Yayoi for her engine management. Lynn proceeds to inform Marika of a message from Show, prompting Marika to answer the call. Upon receiving the call, Marika learns from Show that he has received some important information about Robert Dolittle. Asking Show about how he got the information, Marika is told by Show that he cannot reveal how. This prompts Marika to smile as she realizes where the information came from: Misa and the rest of the crew. Having received the information, Marika, along with Jenny and the Yacht club girls, storm Junigh's ship, and find that he's raising an army against the government. Chiaki, dressed in a Shrine Maiden's outfit, surges ahead and fires shots, angrily declaring that they're not much of revolutionaries when they could not even defend their base against pirates. Marika and the girls proceed to put down the rebellion while continuing to film it as Robert steps into the spotlight. At that point, Marika and Jenny proceed to play hardball with Robert, revealing the secret deals he made with Junigh to give him weapons, which was a crime. Managing to successfully bring down Robert, the girls once again celebrate their success in the mission, along with the safe departure of Chiaki from Hakuoh academy. The episode concludes with Misa informing Marika that they are negative of the virus, and that they are able to return the next week.


By and large, the episode is a thrilling conclusion to the somewhat short arc involving Jenny and Lynn, as well as the overarching arc involving the Yacht Club girls proving their abilities as pirates in Marika's crew. While the fights in the episode are by no means action packed, it is by no means any less tense and exciting, as many of Marika's battles involve her wits more. Though they have demonstrated it throughout much of the series, the actual crew of the Bentenmaru have shown immense loyalty to their young captain by helping out once more, instead of lounging around in their hospital ward. I also found it rather fascinating that Ai-chan and Yayoi have their breakout performances when they manage to keep the Bentenmaru from getting hit with skillful piloting and engine management. I imagine that those two characters may become members of a pirate crew themselves if there ever was an epilogue to the series. I also find it rather fascinating that Marika, despite being a high school student, has been able to engage in hardball politics against people older than her, which only serves to solidify the defining aspect of her character, which we have seen time and time again: a decisive leader that never folds in crunch time. Overall, episode 18 is a thrilling episode that keeps you glued to your seat for the most part. What can Marika expect as the real crew return to take their posts once more? Find out next week. Same Marika time. Same Marika channel.


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-- TheWrongAnswer