Accel World Episode 9

This was a real pleasant and good-humoured episode with bits of comedy thrown in here and there. I wouldn't exactly call the comedy level slapstick, but it was definitely up there. Gave me a few good laughs.


Yuniko is quite likely the most violent and unrefined loli I've ever seen. Now that the whole cute little sister image is thrown out the door, her true self actually isn't all that bad. In fact, I think seeing her indifferent attitude and outright violent tendencies, adds to the diversity of the show, which is definitely a plus. In terms of age, since one second in real time is around 16 minutes accelerated, the time she and Hime has spent accelerated is much longer than their current real world age. I'd say it's a safe bet to say the way Yuniko acts is due to the fact that people treat her according to her real world age, while she's actually much more mature. Nonetheless, she's still very cute.


Those loli thighs!


Lots of tension throughout this episode, though nothing as serious as the battle scenes we've had before. This one was more of an emotional tension, particularly between Yuniko and Hime, which is totally understandable as one if the Red King and the other is the Black King. With Haru stuck in the middle of the quarrel, I can't help but to feel sorry for the poor guy. I mean, he already has to deal with enough problems, and now this? He deserves a pat on the back. Putting that into perspective, Haru is actually a pretty composed character, even though he displays some uncertainty caused from a general lack of confidence. He knows what is doing.


A brand new development has been put forward in this episode. Chrome Disaster, a Burst Linker that ended up a disaster in the most literal sense possible when his armour started possessing people, is apparently back in action, wreaking havoc in the Accel World. Yuniko's request for help was to essentially "borrow" Haru's wings in order to defeat Chrome Disaster. Personally I think this is a very well linked development, bringing all the characters together and allowing each one to have an equal amount of screen time. The temporary alliance formed between Hime and Yuniko will definitely enable further character interaction, something the show already has loads of.


The episode finishes off on a lighter note, as Hime becomes jealous of Yuniko staying over at Haru's for the night. Haru's fantasies sure went nuts, and how bold of him to actually attempt to peak on them in the shower. Regardless, Hime looked stunningly cute in those clothes.


We also got a glimpse of Yuniko and Taku's net avatars as they direct linked with Hime to view the Chrome Disaster incident.Taku's net avatar is simply brilliant.