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In anime, there are two distinct types of conclusions that allow a show to have a second season. The first is the kind of ending which essentially offers a conclusion to first season, with a satisfying end. The second is the kind which is generally an event that will continue on in the second season. Unfortunately, the first season of Sankarea ended in the latter way.

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I had my doubts about Sankarea when it was first announced as an anime. Having skimmed through the manga, allowing me to have a clear idea of what to expect, I knew that it definitely wouldn't be as great as the manga was. Alas, I was wrong. The anime was such a faithful adaptation of the manga that I just had to watch the show to the end, though there were points where it seemed like the story simply dragged on and on without any sort of significant development. From my point of view, after the midway point of the show, it almost seemed like the show was making a joke out of itself. It was like a slice-of-life without any of the seriousness and tension which was present in the first half of the story, two key aspects which allowed the show to start off on a such a high note.

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To put it into perspective,there are shows which have such a terrible beginning that it simply makes you want to drop it within the first three episodes.Then there are shows which throw you a bone, getting the viewer all giddy, only to have it taken away before you've had enough to satisfy yourself. Though it wouldn't be fair to label Sankarea as a distinct candidate for any of those categories, but it certainly shows more of the latter traits than the first. Sankarea was simply a show that was difficult to sit through. The repetitiveness, combined with an extremely predictable and lacklustre story progression, made for an uninspiring viewing experience. 

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It's safe to say that the show certainly had potential, and if only it were developed further with more facts and character interaction to strengthen the slow-moving show. There were certainly many redeeming moments, however I'm not sure if it was enough to pick the show up from the ground. The main male protagonist was not your typical harem loser, being a geeky tsundere guy with a moe zombie fetish. The main female protagonist was a highly overprotected girl with a diabolic father, until she died and turned into a zombie. Just that much is enough to make anyone want to give Sankarea a shot. After all, it's not everyday we see these kinds of interesting characters in a show. The recurring themes, including the hydrangea leaves, although recurring, were not terribly overdone. The art style was a great mix of subtle 3D animation and traditional animation with great colours, particularly in scenes with lots of nature scenery. The OP and ED scenes as well as the music were both nicely presented. Overall, a great combination of strong points make the show stand out from the rest.

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With a little more refinement, and giving one-sided characters, well...more than one side, Sankarea could've been a top notch show with a little bit of everything. I guess we'll have to wait for the second season to finish this story. To round everything up, is Sankarea a show worth watching? Yes it is, with a bit of patience however.

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  1. Wow, i disagree 100%. I found it extremely entertaining and after each episode i wanted to see a new one right away. The anime amazed me to be honest, it was cute, with a bit of light- ecchiness to it along with a little amount of mystery. Even though it is labeled Shounen it probably would appeal more to a shoujo audience. I can't wait for a second season! Definitely one of my favorite animes.

    Commenter: ~Nyan☆Nyan