Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 3

Ah, high school relationships, full of impertinent drama and bashful lovey-doveyness. In a way it characterizes the beginning of everyone's romantic life, but it can also present an endless amount of problems. Having confessed her feelings to Yamato, Mei finally becomes his girlfriend, but it seems like she's still rather uncertain and insecure about the whole ordeal.

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Drawing from personal experience, being with the person you love isn't as simple as it may sound. Not only does a relationship require effort and dedication, it's required from both parties to make one another feel less vulnerable. Seeing as Mei's general timidness reflects her personality, it's safe to say that she's easily influenced by others, particularly when taking into account what kind of hardships she's been through. Mei's bluntness and utter honesty towards others can easily be misinterpreted, causing those around her to develop a dislike for her, even hatred considering that the most popular guy in school is attracted to her. With that being said, her kindly fragile personality is what makes me love Mei so much as a character, and I'm sure Yamato, for the same reasons, finds her attractive in the same manner.

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Speaking of Yamato, I'd like to address an issue which has been brought up numerous times throughout the past episodes of Sukitte Ii na yo, one that questions Yamato's decency as a main male lead. For those who are familiar with shoujo, it shouldn't come as a surprise that aggressively approaching a girl and leading her on in a physical manner (cuddling, hugging, holding hands, kissing, etc.) is present in this show. After all, this show is a by-the-book shoujo genre show after all and if you think otherwise then you should stop watching if you find Yamato creepy. Perhaps it is due to the fact that Mei, regardless of how strong she is being portrayed, does not resist Yamato's fervent advances, that viewers are becoming uncomfortable with the whole notion of "forced feelings", which in my opinion is total bollocks, because Yamato is a shoujo male protagonist, Mei is a shoujo female protagonist, and Sukitte Ii na yo is a shoujo show. Obviously not all shoujo shows are presented in this manner, but the majority are, so after browsing through some viewer comments all across the internet regarding the actions of Yamato and Mei, I can safely say that a lot of those comments are unfortunately unmerited. Shoujo shows need an insecure girl and a passionate guy to lead her on and allow her to open up to society in general. For those who are criticizing Yamato for his creepiness, cut the guy some slack! It's brought to our attention that besides Mei, Yamato also has a past which he chooses not to talk about, one filled with regret, leaving scars. This changes up the impression I had on Yamato, and definitely makes his personality significantly more three-dimensional and easier to relate to in terms of his relationship with Mei, and his own character. It leaves more to be desired, giving us an insight into his past and how weak he actually is. This allows more character growth so it's definitely a plus. Like I've mentioned in previous reviews, this show has already taken on some serious issues which are never dealt with in shoujo shows such as Sukitte Ii na yo, such as bullying, the ideal appearance as portrayed by the media, and although not as obvious as the other two issues, sex.

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The introduction of Aiko may not have been a positive one, but it did shed some light on one of the main topics this show addresses. Too often those in a relationship will try to be someone who they aren't, for the sake of their romantic partner. While there's nothing wrong with looking your best for someone you love, going to such lengths such as Aiko, in order to satisfy her boyfriend at the time, is simply wrong, especially if it causes bodily harm. I can't stress enough how important it is for romantic partners to have mutual feelings for each other, or else a relationship really fails to work out. Seeing as Aiko has already developed a strong dislike of Mei, criticizing her for her lack of effort in maintaining her relationship with Yamato, hopefully Mei will be able to come through to her, offering her some much-needed support to calm her nerves which have been scarred by her also rather unfortunate past.

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Every week I'm expecting this show to go downhill for some reason, I really don't have much expectations for Sukitte Ii na yo, but every week I'm pleasantly surprised with how much deeper the story is delving, and it's really becoming quite an engaging show.

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