Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 5

Viewing Mei's personality grow into a truly respectable individual is simply the best thing about Sukitte Ii na yo. The way she's able to approach others in the calm and tender manner she does, and how she's able to relate her own experiences and use them to change others for better, it all adds up and integrates itself into the story flawlessly, allowing this show to constantly impress me.

Now that Mei's grown accustomed to the new lifestyle she's chosen, it's safe to say that socializing with others isn't as difficult as it used to be for her, especially with Yamato. The level of understanding the two have for each other has grown twofold, which not only allows the viewers to follow along to a more transparent storyline, it brings in a sense of maturity which was missing from the show earlier on. These two aspects enable Mei's character to be presented to its fullest, demonstrated clearly in this episode as Yamato's younger sister, Kurosawa Nagi, is introduced to us.

Several alarms went off in my head initially when Nagi was introduced. She seemed to come off as being a typical little sister with a brother complex type of sister. Alas, that was not the case. All the characters in Sukitte Ii na yo are so well-written to a point where all they have a story to tell about their past, and Nagi is no different. Having suffered from being taken advantage of by her so-called friends, she has chosen to stay at home, avoiding school to escape reality and having to make new friends. It came as a surprise to me, the fact that Nagi and Mei had so much in common, so having Mei act as a mentor for Nagi was definitely heartwarming indeed. This also indirectly brings Mei closer to Yamato in the best way possible, so thumbs up to Mei for being a "big sister" to Mei. While Yamato helps the people around them by hearing them out, offering guidance and most importantly, calming them down. Mei on the other hand, is able to change people's views towards a certain subject entirely, which is ironic since not too long ago, she herself was a stubborn girl, unwilling to change for anything or anyone. It's easy to see that it's the same in regards to Mei and Yamato's relationship. Yamato always seems to be in control of everything, never losing his composure, always understanding of Mei, with Mei learning when to lean on him, and when to speak out with her own voice. With those aspects in mind, Mei is able to build relationships with people by connecting with them, building influential relationships that are truly great to watch.

The two adorable cats in this episode portrayed Mei and Yamato's relationships effectively, especially in the last scene when the two of them were curled up together sleeping. Their relationships is warm, sweet and innocent, with the both of them still learning and growing together. The two of them have reached a point where they're entirely comfortable around each other, as seen with Yamato's playful assertiveness, poking fun at Mei whenever he has a chance. Yamato's general openness towards Mei and Mei's love for Yamato, wanting to be better for him, is something that allows me to put faith in the future of their relationship. Their mutual trust for each other, along with Yamato's respect for Mei and vice versa, is what makes this show so heartwarming to watch.