We're going to Sakura-Con 2013

From March 29-31, SUTORAIKUanime's akinari-kun will be present at Seattle's Sakura-Con covering the event. This year, we've managed to secure a new sponsor Kurohi Photography who will be accompanying us on our trip providing us with their photography and filming expertise. We'll be attending most of the major events at the con and making sure to take lots of pics so be on the lookout for us!

As usual, Sakura-Con brings a very exciting list of special guests over from Japan, including this year's exclusive Sword Art Online Mega Pack guest list featuring musical guests Haruna Luna, and Eir Aoi.

Sword Art Online's creator, Kawahara Reki will also be attending Sakura-Con as a special guest, part of the Sword Art Online Mega Pack.

Being the huge SAO fans we are, to say we're excited to attend this year would be an understatement. But then again, when are we not excited to attend a con? As always, we look forward to meeting all of our comrades and basking ourselves in three days of glorious anime and Japanese goodness!

See everyone in late March.