SUTORAIKUv3 Beta is Live!

Welcome to SUTORAIKUv3 Beta, a brand-new relaunch of SUTORAIKUanime, completely re-imagined from the bottom up.

First and foremost, this is our largest redesign since our establishment, a brand new design scheme. While the site is still instantly recognizable as SUTORAIKUanime, for those who have been following us since day one, we've incorporated brand new elements which we've never used on our site before.

As far as design elements go, we really wanted to modernize our aging v2 design, which was more or less a glorified reskin of v1 we were using since 2009. with SUTORAIKUv3, we went back to the drawing board to come up with things we wanted the site to include, and started working from there. One of the most important things we upgraded was the page width. The main post body is now approximately 30% wider than v2, with an approximately 7% wide sidebar. While these numbers do not seem like much, this drastically increases the image sizes we are able to include in our posts.

We kept the home page slider, which has become more or less of a signature must-have for every one of our site versions. The biggest change is the way posts are displayed on each page, in a much more engaging but clean fashion. The ancient tabbed sidebar design was tossed in favour of a lighter, but more functional sidebar with all the information needed to navigate the site, along with the inclusion of a new recent comments feature. Last but not least, our footer has been totally retooled featuring the Vancouver skyline, a touch of our roots.

This is the first release beta build, and may still have issues we need to iron out, although the majority of debugging has all been completed. A few features we have yet to add on are still in the process of being coded, so sit tight as we prepare the final release version of SUTORAIKUv3! 

For now, take our brand new site for a spin!