Who are we?

SUTORAIKUanime is Vancouver's anime and Japanese pop culture media outlet, bringing the latest anime reviews, the best cosplays, and anime convention coverage in the Northwest. We keep you up-to-date with the best of Japan.

Our humble roots date back to 2008, starting off as a very casual social media group which shared various impressions of anime we've watched. In 2009, SUTORAIKUanime was officially established as an online anime review blog built on Google's Blogger platform, where those with a mutual passion for anime could gather together to read and discuss relevant interests.

Now on our third website revision, SUTORAIKUv3, our largest redesign since our establishment, we take pride in bringing the best of the Northwest anime scene to not just to Vancouver, but to all of our visitors.

What do we do?

Our primary interests are reaching out to local and international communities to form connections with relevant groups and persons of interest such as online retailers, photographers, bloggers, anime media organizations, and all others who share the same passion towards anime as we do, to celebrate anime culture and gain a deeper cultural insight into the land of the rising sun.

The two primary anime conventions we cover annually are Vancouver's own Anime Revolution, and Seattle's Sakura-Con. During these events, we interview special guests, attend concerts, photograph cosplayers, and really bring out the best of these conventions. Anime conventions are a chance for everyone to unite together as one to enjoy the excitement of anime culture, and presents an opportunity for new connections of all kinds to be made.

Additionally, here at SUTORAIKUanime, we stress the importance of giving back to the community. We are closely affiliated with the University of British Columbia's Anime Club and work in harmony to publicize local anime events to the public.

What does SUTORAIKUanime mean?

The most frequently asked question we receive from our readers both in person and online is quite possibly, what exactly does SUTORAIKUanime mean? Our name is actually derived from the anime series that originally motivated our founder and editor-in-chief to start this website, "Strike Witches" (ストライクウィッチーズ - Sutoraiku Witchiizu), an anime series that focuses on the lives of several young girls with aerial combat units capable of using magic, during a brutal period of a great war being fought in the sky during the early 1900's.

What do magical young girls flying around with jets on their legs have to do with us? Nothing, and everything at the same time. A source of inspiration is essential to the success of any venture, and whether it's girls with leg jets fighting a war in the 1900's or something else, everyone has to start somewhere.

We are バンクーバー 東京 STYLE.

Satisfy the Japan in you .